Taylor Lake Village TX Real Estate and Homes for Sale in Taylor Lake Village TX


It’s safe to say that with its waterfront views and forested subdivisions, the city of Taylor Lake Village is one of the most serene and beautiful neighborhoods in Harris County. Like its sister city, El Lago, Taylor Lake Village is a residential community located in close proximity to the commercial establishments and amenities that its neighboring communities in the Bay Area offer. Taylor Lake Village is served by the Clear Creek Independent School District. Safe, tranquil, and just a short drive away from Galveston and Houston, it’s the perfect place for families with young children as well as those who want to have their own waterfront retreat.

Get a chance to live an exceptional quality of life in one of Taylor Lake Village’s exquisite waterfront homes. Due to the city’s low cost of living and affordable real estate, it’s no wonder that it is one of the most coveted communities in the Bay Area. Despite the rapid growth of population in the area, Taylor Lake Village manages to maintain its small town atmosphere and exclusivity as a residential quarter through building codes and ordinances enforced by the local government.

The city was incorporated in 1961 and was one of the cities where employees of the Johnson Space Center relocated.


Thanks to its close proximity to Taylor Lake and Mud Lake, residents of Taylor Lake Village have access to various water activities and sports.

Golf enthusiasts and people itching to try the sport are invited to visit the Taylor Lake Village Disc Golf Course. This lakeside golf course features courses of varying degrees of difficulty, set to challenge the beginner, the intermediate, or the expert golfer. Views of Taylor Lake add a wonderful backdrop as you golf to your heart’s content.

Tourist hotspots such as the NASA Space Center and the Kemah Boardwalk are only a short distance away from the city.