Whether you are looking to lease your own home or rental property or if you are looking for a home to rent, Simien Properties can help.

When you are looking to rent a home

When looking to lease or rent a home, using a real estate agent has some real benefits. An experienced agent has access to more homes for rent than you might find on your own. Agents also have more experience negotiating with the listing agent or landlord, which could save you money and time. Because an agent has market knowledge the average person lacks, he or she is particularly valuable if you’re moving to an unfamiliar area and need help finding communities where you might enjoy living. In addition, an experienced agent can help make sure your rights as a renter are protected.

When you are looking to lease your home

Leasing can be good for sellers who are having trouble selling their property, who have moved to another area, or who have bought a new house before selling the old one and therefore face two mortgage payments.

When getting ready to lease your home you want someone familiar with the area market and who is responsive to your needs. Simien Properties would be happy to assist you in any way you need. Our agents can list your property on MLS, therefore increasing exposure. Another great benefit to Simien Properties listing your rental is that we will do a credit check and thorough background screenings of potential renters for you.