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Open Houses

Open houses help buyers determine whether a house might be a good fit for them. They also help sellers receive more views of the home they are looking to sell. As part of the research in buying a home, it’s prudent for homebuyers to consider going to several open houses in the area they are looking to buy in order to get a feel of what their options are and to be able to make an informed decision.

But make sure you are prepared when you go. Look at the home with a critical eye. Start from the moment you arrive in the area of the home and take mental notes – if not physical notes – as you imagine the things you will like and dislike about living there. Is the main road closer than you anticipated? Are your neighbors right on top of you? Is the outside curb appeal and the neighborhood what you were expecting?

When you go in, do you notice issues that will require renovation, like mold, cracks in the ceiling, the floor or the walls? Do you love the view out of each window, or does your living room face right on someone’s alley? How do you feel about the possible workflow in the kitchen?

While open houses are staged to present the house at its best, it’s quite possible that it wasn’t what you were expecting. Which is why you reserve your judgment and go to multiple open houses.

Use our handy open house search tool to discover open houses in the area you’re looking to buy.

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