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League City Home Value

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League City has been enjoying a good run – and all indications are pointing towards a bright future ahead. With a healthy, ever-diversifying economy, gorgeous waterfront location, easy access to the rest of the region, and excellent education and medical systems, it continues to attract more and more people.

Best of all, League City’s neighborhoods are among the most well-regarded in the state and have earned recognition from both print and online publications. It is the perfect location for people looking to build a new life in a place with a good job market, great schools, and upscale real estate options that won’t hurt their budget.

Rising Home Values

As the city continues its upward progress, it’s not surprising that home values have been rising as well. The median average of homes in League City in the last quarter of 2015 is a little above $200,000. This represents an increase of at least 8 percent from last year’s home values. And experts are predicting that the price tag will go up another 3.3 percent in another year. This outlook is further strengthened by League City’s robust housing market and low delinquent mortgage rates which is only at 1.6 percent. The national average is 4.8 percent.

The increase in League City’s home values is also driven by the continued demand for more housing options in the city.  In fact, some areas are experiencing a level of demand that’s above average. Notable neighborhoods with a significantly high demand for homes include League City City Center where vacancy rates are at almost 6 percent and Bay Area Blvd where it’s almost at 4 percent.

Considering all of these factors, the continued rise in value of homes in League City is far from unexpected. The time to invest in real estate here is now! Current forecasts reckon that home values will increase steadily in the next few years, well beyond the current $200,000 average. Taking the leap now could well result in generous returns for you.

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