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Kris Saegers


Kris Saegers

Operations Manager/ Realtor

Kris attended high school in Leavenworth, KS before beginning his career in the Kansas City area in sales for a large phone and internet company. He attended a local community college, studying HTML coding and website design. When Kris sold his first website, he was hooked, and he knew that he wanted to be part of this exciting and growing opportunity called the internet. He went on to hold a number of internet marketing and website development positions. As a result of being a top performer in one such position in San Diego, CA, Kris had the privilege of holding the title of VP of Client Relations where he was involved in the day to day operations and successfully contributed to the company’s growth and shift in company philosophy from one time sales to monthly package sales. He subsequently made the decision to build his own business, utilizing the principals and skills that he garnered while helping to grow the previous company.  Since then, a wonderful twist in life reunited Kris with an old flame from high school and brought him to the Houston area. He has been here for almost three years now and absolutely loves the area. Kris met Jimmy at Simien Properties when he helped Kris sell his home. While they hit it off instantly due to their hometown connection, they also quickly determined that Kris’ expertise and experience would be a great fit for Team Simien as the Digital Marketing Coordinator. Kris is really looking forward to working with Jimmy and the rest of the Team to achieve their team goals and grow moving forward!

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