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Welcome to the quiet suburban community of El Lago, Texas. The city is located on the western banks of Taylor Lake, one of Clear Lake’s tributary lakes. El Lago is Spanish for “the lake” and is a primarily residential community consisting of almost a thousand single-family residences within its total area of less than a square mile. Residents enjoy warm summers and mild winters; typical of a Bay Area city. El Lago is served by the Clear Creek Independent School District.

For a small city, El Lago has more than a few fascinating stories to tell. It is said that back in the day, when pirates sailed the high seas and looted for treasure, El Lago served as one of the main hideouts of Jean Lafitte, the French-American pirate and privateer who was also something of a war hero. He and his cohorts navigated the waters of the Gulf of Mexico in the 19th century.

Pirates weren’t the only ones who made El Lago their home.The city is also known as the “Home of the Astronauts.” Two of the most famous names in modern American history, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrincalled El Lago home. They were part of a group of astronauts who moved to the area in the 1960s after being recruited by NASA.


There are several parks found throughout the city. Armstrong Park, located in Lakeside Drive, is named after the first man to walk on the surface of the moon. If you’re in the mood to play sports, head over to McNair Memorial Park, which also features an all-purpose pavilion, a playground, and picnic areas. If you are looking for kid-friendly facilities, Witty Memorial Park is the place to be.

You’ll find many places to explore in El Lago and its nearby communities; more amenities and entertainment options are available in the neighboring cities of Seabrook, Clear Lake Shores, Kemah, and League City.