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Resting on the banks of the winding Dickinson Bayou, the community of Dickinson enjoys the advantage of being located between the big cities of Galveston and Houston. Dickinson offers residents and tourists easy access to its neighboring communities through the Gulf Freeway (Interstate 45) and State Highway 146.Education is offered by the Dickinson Independent School District, but there are also plenty of private academic institutions to choose from. A superb quality of life, accessibility, and great weather all year round make Dickinson a fine place to live.

Dickinson is named after John Dickinson, who received a land grant from the Mexican government in 1824. The area quickly grew and by mid-19th century, the settlement along the shores of the Dickinson Bayou was thriving.Different waves of people came to Dickinson, from Southerners to Italian immigrants tobusinessmen and even bootleggers during the Prohibition period. Due to the threat of annexation that the cities of Texas City and League City posed in the 1970s, Dickinson locals worked together until the city was finally incorporated in 1977.

As tides turn and people come and go, Dickinson continues to thrive along the shores of its bayou.


TheDickinson Historic Railroad Depot offers visitors a glimpse of what Dickinsonwas like during the 19th century, when it was still part of the Galveston-Houston-and-Henderson Railroad Line. It consists of the League City Railroad Depot and Dickinson’s own Railroad Depot, complete with various artifacts and objects that were used back in the day. Aside from these historic depots, the area also features a museum, a gift shop, and a visitor’s center. The Dickinson Historic Railroad Depot also houses the offices of the Dickinson Historical Society.

Every year, the city of Dickinson plays host to the Red, White & Bayou Crawfish and Texas Music Festival. A fund-raising event, the music festival is open to people of all ages (the festival’s Kid Zone offers plenty of children’s activities). Festivalgoers gather as homegrown musical talents showcase their artistry in front of admiring crowds.